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Meet Cassie Doty

Get excited about learning with Cassie Doty. A teacher with a decade of experience who has worked with students of all ages Kindergarten through Seniors in high school and even adults. She has a degree from Mississippi University for Women and was an assistant conductor to the Women's Chorale throughout her education. 

Cassie specializes in Bel Canto style singing which is a great foundation for any aspiring musical artist. The roads from this starting point are endless and can lead to your desired destination of belting with proper powerhouse technique, broadway style music, and much more. Piano lessons are also available. Any level of student is welcomed. From the earliest of beginners to more advanced students. 

Cassie also offers group lessons which are especially wonderful for young learners. Group lessons serve as a stepping stone to individual lessons once the child is older. General musical concepts such as syncopation, steady beat, and melody are taught in the Montessori and Orff style. This setting is a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10. Young students learn best through peer interaction and play and in these laughter and fun are sure to ensue.

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Students Rave About DotyMusic.com
Cassie's teaching transformed my voice beyond my wildest dreams!

Samantha H.

I never thought I could enjoy piano lessons until I met Cassie!

Michael R.

Group lessons with Cassie are a blast! Highly recommend for all ages!

Emily L.

Unleash Your Musical Potential

Welcome to DotyMusic.com, where music dreams come true! Cassie Doty, with 10 years of experience and a degree from Mississippi University for Women, is your gateway to musical excellence.

Specializing in bel canto style voice lessons, classical piano, and engaging group sessions, DotyMusic.com is the ultimate destination for music enthusiasts of all ages.

Immerse yourself in the rich world of music as you embrace the joy of hymn singing, sight reading, and theory in every lesson. Morning or afternoon, the magic of music awaits you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bel canto style?

Bel canto is a beautiful Italian vocal technique focusing on pure, even tone production and seamless legato singing.

Do you offer piano lessons for beginners?

Absolutely! Whether you're a beginner or advanced pianist, Cassie tailors lessons to your skill level and goals.

What are the group lesson requirements?

Our group lessons cater to homeschool or co-op groups of 5 to 10 students, offering a fantastic opportunity for your young ones to explore fundamental music concepts—a perfect start to cultivating a lifelong love of music!

How can I book a lesson?

Booking a lesson is easy! Simply click the 'Book Your Lesson Now' button and follow the prompts to schedule your musical journey.

What makes DotyMusic.com unique?

DotyMusic.com stands out for its emphasis on reformed Christian values, incorporating hymn singing and a holistic approach to music education.

10 years

Experienced Teacher


Minimum Group Size

Morning & Afternoon

Lesson Hours Available

Musical Musings with Cassie

Unlock Your Vocal Potential
Piano Passion Unleashed
Harmony in Numbers

Lesson Packages

Voice Mastery
$55/Hour Session
$25/Half Hour Session

Discover the incredible potential of your voice through personalized instruction tailored to your musical journey. Join me for a transformative experience where each lesson is thoughtfully designed to enhance your vocal abilities. With a thorough assessment of your voice, we'll identify strengths and areas for growth, curating the ideal repertoire and skill level to nurture your vocal talent. Together, let's embark on a harmonious journey, unlocking the true potential of voice.

Ivory Insights
$55/Hour Session
$25/Half Hour Session

Unlock the full potential of your musical journey through personalized piano instruction designed to elevate your skills and ignite your passion for music. Dive into a world where every lesson is meticulously tailored to your unique musical aspirations and learning style. Following a comprehensive evaluation of your abilities, we'll curate the perfect repertoire and skill level to kickstart your piano journey. Let's embark on a melodic adventure together, where each keystroke brings you closer to realizing your true piano mastery.

Group Groove
(5-10 People)
(One 30 min. session/week)

Dive into the joyous world of collaborative music exploration with our engaging group sessions, Especially crafted for homeschool groups and co-ops. Join us for an immersive musical experience that fosters creativity, teamwork, and a lifelong love for music. Each session offers a dynamic blend of interactive activities, rhythmic adventures, and melodic discoveries. From singing and rhythmic games to hands-on instrument exploration, our group sessions provide the perfect platform for young learners to cultivate their musical talents in a supportive and vibrant environment. Join our musical community and embark on a harmonious journey of discovery and delight!

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